​Why do we travel? What makes us shun our daily routines for a while and just let go? Why do we plan such excursions months in advance? Why do we pack our things and just go, venture into the unknown?

We are bound, shackled by our own selves, our own rules, our own jobs, our own preferences.

Same old platitudes. Same old clichéd stories. 

We want to break free. Because it is not in our nature. 

Going to a new place, seeing new people, in a different ambience, with no one having a clue of who you are, it actually liberates us, pacifies our burning souls.

Travelling is an expression of freedom.

Standing at a hill top, or somewhere on a beach, or in the hall of some monument, we realize how insignificant our problems and issues are. The truth is what is in front of our eyes. The beauty, the sheerness.

And it gives us strength.

To go back into our lives and face our problems with a smile.
“Every journey has a beginning, but no end.”


What lies beneath…

​Why do we care so much? Ever ‘cared’ about that? 

About the time we spend in front of a mirror. A glance turns into minutes, even hours, (who knows?) of staring at our reversed selves, doing all those weird expressions, scowling, frowning, smiling, hopelessly hoping to look good.

About the statuses and posts on social media. Rummaging through the dictionaries and thesauruses, to make it look ‘cool’. (Well I don’t do that, forsooth. I ardently beseech you to fathom this.) 😹

About our photos, profile pictures, selfies and what not. Our status reads “candid” and in the snap we are looking into the distance, as if unaware of our ‘DSLR friend’ taking our perfect little future profile picture. And in reality? 

We all know. 

“Dude! Iss specific pose mein lena. Brightness 76.65426 per cent. Yeh waala filter use krna, aur yahan se 1.0061cm crop bhi kar dena, aur Prisma vrisma bhi kr dena bade bhai…” (This was all Hindi, written in English, which makes it even more weird. For fucks’ sake I am not going to translate that!)

About the lies, uncountable! We lie to others, we lie to ourselves, we lie to a random stranger, we lie to our mom, dad, friend, girlfriend, our cat, our dog,even God, everyone. We leave no one. At all. Sometimes to save our asses. Sometimes to avoid that rebuke,( maybe even some spanking) from our dads. Sometimes to augment our hopeless job qualifications. Sometimes to avoid an errand your mom will send you for.

“Beta bahar se dhaniya lete aana.”

“Maan. Main concentrate nahi kar paa rha hun. Padhai krni h.” 😹

“Oh! Mera raja. Tu padh beta.”

(Again, Hindi.)

 Sometimes, for such friviolous things, utterly laughable. 

All of us. In this world, pretend. I won’t discuss the reasons, because there are many. 

Why do we pretend? Why do we like to pretend?

I pretend. Big-time. And its not that I have turned over a new leaf, that is why I am writing this. 

No. I still pretend. 

That fake smile. Walking robustly, chest out, so that some girl would swoon around some corner just looking at me, (haha!) whereas,  my actual walking style being no better than a sloth’s. 

Wearing branded clothes, shoes, phones, just for that sake of brands, and their symbols, status, duh!

The thing is. All of us want to feel accepted, respected, and loved in this world, a mercurial, touchy, judgemental word, which right from the very first glance, starts judging us, not for who we actually are, but for how we look, and how we pretend to look.

No one delves deeper. No one scratches the surface. To look beyond the veil of pretence.

Its as if we are smothered by our own notion of self- aggrandizement, and vulnerability to the prying eyes of the society.

This pains me. This pains all of us. This sense of suffocation, a distant cry of our real selves. Some realize it. Some don’t ‘care’ to.

Accepting ourselves is the strongest quality we have in a world which refuses to accept us time and again.

So lets accept us, for who we are.

Lets accept our flaws, our qualities, our feelings. Lets respect them. 

Lets respect ourselves. Others. Everyone, for who they really are.

For what lies beneath…