​Why do we travel? What makes us shun our daily routines for a while and just let go? Why do we plan such excursions months in advance? Why do we pack our things and just go, venture into the unknown?

We are bound, shackled by our own selves, our own rules, our own jobs, our own preferences.

Same old platitudes. Same old clichéd stories. 

We want to break free. Because it is not in our nature. 

Going to a new place, seeing new people, in a different ambience, with no one having a clue of who you are, it actually liberates us, pacifies our burning souls.

Travelling is an expression of freedom.

Standing at a hill top, or somewhere on a beach, or in the hall of some monument, we realize how insignificant our problems and issues are. The truth is what is in front of our eyes. The beauty, the sheerness.

And it gives us strength.

To go back into our lives and face our problems with a smile.
“Every journey has a beginning, but no end.”


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