Aberrance, not uniformity, is the only absolute…

Could have said ‘Change is the only constant’, but noooo… So pretentious.

We love to create boundaries. And all sorts of quandaries.

And love to hurt, love to smother, him who is different and stays happy that way, or her, because ‘she’ is another sect we have relished in casting away.

Warring, not on ideas and absolutes. Not on what’s right. But on our differences, on our beliefs, things we don’t choose, and things we are proud to choose for ourselves, and ourselves only.

Most of us are not different in our beliefs or our choices because we crave any attention, or repugnance. (Well some of us do. They are different, they choose to be different that way.) We are different because its our innateness, our inner calling. And that’s so simple, yet so incredibly unfathomable.

Being a drop of minority in a sea of majority, where everyone wants to paint you in their own color, ‘acceptable’ color. Isn’t that disheartening?

We decide our norms and laws, we design them ourselves, treat them as constants, unchallengeable, unchangeable decrees. And still stupidly abide by them even when they hurt us. Shackles of our own making. Preposterously funny apparently. But a gargantuan struggle and a bitter reality to live in.

We are so deeply embossed in the quagmire of our intolerant ideologies, we still reek of them, and still see the world through them.

We are meant to be different. Randomness, incongruity is the meaning of universe. Its a default feature, in all of the creation. Its embedded, in all of us, in our very souls. But, the thing is, we stopped looking into our souls a long time ago.


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