She sat there, on the table…

​She sat there, on the table.

And I, unable, to look her in the eye.

Desperate to tell her what I felt, my heart fluttering like a butterfly.

With a heavy breath and a thin smile.

I walked closer, but it took me a while.

I said hi, she said hi…
The moment drew nigh.

And so did the jitters.

And I crumbled under pressure.

The smile turned awkward.

And I couldn’t go forward, with a pounding heart and a restless soul.

Despair, feeding on me like a ghoul.

With quivering hands and a weakened resolve, I scurried past her, then ran out of sight.

 Panting outside. Cursing, smiling, shaking my head, it was a flurry of emotions.

 Emotions, of epic proportions. 

Racked by guilt, bullied by shame. 

I had only one person to blame.

Shackled by his shyness, an introverted boy.

Missed his moment of joy.

I change my path, whenever I see her in the distance.

 Heart still pounding, face still smiling.

Wondering whether she also laughs, like me, at a disaster of my own making.

Or if she even thinks of me at all.

 A shy, stupid boy who couldn’t tell her  that he liked her.


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