Between the two extremes.

Sitting in the corner. Or being in the centre. 

In between these two extremes lies our social being.

Yes fate positions us towards one of these two. But actually, its purely a matter of choice. And more than that, desire. 

There is no doubt that conviction helps us stay put and follow our proclivity.

Recognition. Acknowledgement. It’s not the same as being famous. Or is it? 

The line is thin. And our eyes, not so keen.

Its not as if the one sitting at the corner desires absolute anonymity. He also desires recognition and respect, but not in a way that suddenly brings him from the fringe into the fray.

Similarly, the one in the centre also doesn’t desire such fame which affects him privately. Because despite being inclined to take the centre stage in many situations, he also has a part of him who wants to sit back and relax in the corner.

And that’s important. The balancing act.

There’s anonymity in fame. Amidst the frenzy and the charades.

Fame in anonymity? The way you look at it. The mystery. The intrigue.


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