Right or wrong?

Right or wrong.
Weak or strong.
It’s all perception.
Like a dubious song.
Melodious. Yet odious.
Saddening. Yet uplifting.
Happening. Yet outmoded.
Like sides of a coin.
Equal bias. Fickle. Or pious.
No black or white.
The world’s a shade of grey.
The vantage point of a hunter.
The motivation of its prey.
A woman’s endurance.
A man’s sacrifice.
A mountain’s permanence.                          An uncertain, slippery precipice.                A river’s frivolity.                                          An ocean’s perpetuity.                             God’s command.                                               A despot’s law.                                                  A gardener’s sapling.                                      A carpenter’s saw.

Between the two extremes.
Wonders work. Dangers lurk.
People shirk. Some work.

But what’s right? What’s wrong?
It’s all perception. A dubious song.