Corporate life, is hard to cooperate…

People, and more people.

Deeper, and deeper.

Crammed together in an abyss.
Ties and id cards like nooses round their necks.

As mediocrity becks.

And all there, choking.


And retching.


Tears trickling through their sullen sunken faces.

Needless politics, mindless races.
Every task is a deadly deadline. 

A race against time.

Every thing, nothing else but another prop in a pantomime.
Pestering colleagues.

Grimacing bosses.

Plastic smiles.

Pangs of frustration.

Bouts of ennui.

And trips to the cafeterias.


Redundancy is the norm.

Beware if you flout.

Brace for the invisible clout.
And you live in fear.

Holding this sham dear.

As life shoves it in the rear.


And tastefully.
And the sheen wears off.

Well you had begun to see through it anyway.
Corporate life, my friend, is hard to cooperate.